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About the fund

We offer investors a listed vehicle that aims to achieve a diversified exposure to early stage technology companies, with a focus on software centric businesses in AR/VR, IoT and FinTech. We believe we’re uniquely placed to optimise opportunities in these high growth markets.


Through partnerships with Suir Valley Ventures and Shard Capital, Sure Ventures uniquely combines its expertise with a powerhouse of innovation and an entrepreneurial broking and asset management house.


We not only provide direct access to a diverse start-up community, but also to Silicon Valley and a broad search and innovation network. Shard Capital also provides a portal to the global financial markets


We are able to provide immediate help to accelerate seed company growth, but can also support companies throughout their growth journeys, from additional financing, to IPO and beyond with corporate broking and investor relations functions

Attractive investment

We focus on areas of significant growth potential over the next 5 years. AR/VR in particular is expected to be a $108 billion market by 2020.

Sure Ventures PLC is listed on the Specialist Fund Segment (SFS) of the London Stock Exchange. Those investing in our fund will get exposure to Suir Valley Funds ICAV which in turn co-invests with Enterprise Ireland, one of the largest VC’s in Europe.


The Company will invest the first £5m of net proceeds raised from the First Issue into Suir Valley Ventures Fund, a sub-fund of Suir Valley Funds ICAV.

Additional funds raised will be invested in additional target companies or increase is position in companies where the ICAV already has investments. It will do so by either investing directly in individual companies or by making commitments to fund structures with similar investment policies to Suir Valley Ventures Fund and the Company or investments through high potential start-up accelerators in the same market areas.


The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Internet of Things (IOT) and Financial Technologies (FinTech) markets are evolving at a rapid pace.

Sure Ventures PLC has been established to enable investors to gain access to early stage technology companies in these three exciting and expansive market verticals.

We will invest at the seed stage of software companies operating within their target markets to help grow them towards their Series A funding, at which point we intend to follow-on our investment.


It is often too expensive, too risky and too labour intensive for investors to build a portfolio of this nature themselves.

An investment in Sure Ventures PLC is designed to be suitable for:

  • Institutional investors and professionally-advised private investors seeking exposure to early-stage technology companies
  • Financially sophisticated, non-advised private investors who are capable of evaluating the risks and merits of such an investment and who have sufficient resources to bear any loss which may result from such an investment


Our board provides governance and independence from the investment manager, ensuring the Fund is managed in the best interests of its shareholders.


Download the Prospectus here. In future, additional key documentation including factsheets and annual reports will be made available.


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