Barry Downes

24 January 2018

Barry Downes is the CIO of Sure Ventures PLC and Managing Partner of Suir Valley Ventures. Barry is also Chairman of TSSG (previous CEO), a leading technology Research Institute, Incubator and Accelerator which has raised over €90 million to date. Previously Barry founded FeedHenry Limited, a mobile cloud software technology company that was acquired in 2014 by RedHat Inc (NYSE:RHT). Barry has worked extensively in Silicon Valley as a Partner of SVG Partners, a San Francisco based investment and advisory firm that helps its clients with innovation, strategy and technology consulting. Barry started his career in software with Infinium Inc in Hyannis, MA and prior to joining TSSG, Barry was the Vice President of Software Services for Waterford Technologies a leading provider of cloud software, headquartered Waterford, Ireland and in Orange County, California. Barry holds an MBA from Smurfit Business School UCD, a BSc in Applied Computing from WIT and has executive qualifications from Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley (in Venture Capital), Henley Business School and also Harvard Law School. Barry is also a Certified Investment Fund Director (CIFD) from the Institute of Banking. Barry was recently named one of the top software superstars by Silicon Republic.